GCG Memorandum Circular No. 2012-07




43.1 Institutional:

a. APO Charter

b. Subsidiaries (N/A)

c. Government Corporate Information Sheet (GCIS)

      • c.3 Government corporation information sheet (GCIS)

43.2 Board and Officers:

a. Listing of APO Board Members and Officers with Resume


Board of Trustees
Michael J. Dalumpines Chairman/President
Philip S. Dionisio Trustee
Joel Caminade Trustee
Joecel F. Obenza Trustee
Jose Julio Trustee
D. Guilmar Dizon Vidanes Trustee
Management Team
Alvin R. Reyes General Manager
Gerardo T. Sevilla Special Concern / Compliance Officer
Cesar T. Herrera Jr. Corporate Planning Manager
Alejandre B. delos Reyes Special Projects Officer
Olivia T. Mateo Treasurer
Myrna S. Lim Internal Auditor
Angelique S.A. Abadilla Administrative Services Manager
Dominic F. Tajon Sales and Marketing Manager
Karl Paulo C. Damian Supply Chain Manager
Milagros P. Santos Production Manager
Mary Ann D. Manrique Finance Manager

b. Compensation package

c. Information on Board Committees and their activities

d. Attendance record of Directors and their committee meetings


43.3 Financial and Operational Matters:

a. Latest annual Audited Financial and Performance Report

b. Audited Financial Statements in the immediate past five (5) years

c. Unaudited Quarterly, and Annual Reports and Trial Balance

      1. 1st Quarter 2017
      2. 2nd Quarter 2017
      3. 3rd Quarter 2017
      4. 4th Quarter 2017
      5. Annual Reports
      6. Trial Balance

d. Current Corporate Operating Budget (COB)

      1. Consolidated Budget 2016(Re-enacted)

e. Local and foreign borrowings 2016

f. Government subsidies and net lending (N/A)

g. All borrowings guaranteed by the Government (N/A)

h. Any material risk factors and measures taken to manage such risks (N/A)

i. Performance Evaluation System 2017(PES)


43.4 On Governance Matters:

a. Charter Statement/Mission-Vision Statements:


By 2018, for APO Production Unit to have been transformed into an integral and essential component in the infrastructure providing world-class total printing solutions to the National Government and its agencies. By 2020, for APO to provide cutting-edge printing services to foreign governments and international organizations.


To meet the requirements of the National Government and its agencies for highly-sensitive security printing services by employing innovative technologies, business efficiencies and highly-competent personnel through the judicious use of the corporate form of organization.


Integrity, Innovativeness, Entreprenurial Spirit, Pursue Growth & Learning, Social Responsibility, Teamwork

b. Performance Scorecards & Strategy Map

c. Organizational Chart

d. Manual on Corporate Governance

e. CSR Statement

f. Balance Scorecard (N/A)

g. Guidelines on System of Rating & Ranking

      1. Internal Memorandum on Performance Based-Bonus (PBB) Ranking System
      2. Performance Appraisal for Management
      3. Staff Performance Appraisal Form

h. QMS ISO Certificate 2015

43.5 Such other information or report that the GCG may require

a. No Gift Policy

2018 Quarterly Monitoring Report

1st quarter monitoring report

2nd quarter monitoring report

3rd quarter monitoring report

4th quarter monitoring report


Service Charter
Whistleblowing Policy